Lucius L. Mitchell Camp 04 will hold their meetings in 2022-2023 at the Senior Community Center in St. Cloud, 716 Indiana Avenue, at 1:00 PM. Camp 04 is currently active in the Department.




Camp Officers


Camp Commander: Timothy E. Campaign                           

SVC:  Tim Iliff

JVC: Aric Bruggeworth Phone: (772) 342-1069

Secretary : John D. Meushaw

Treasurer : Robert B. Humker

Council 1: Ronnie G. McCracken

Council 2: Michael E. Urell

Council 3: Roger Heiple

Patriotic Instructor: Caleb S. Greinke

Chaplain: Ronnie G. McCracken

Graves Registration: Stephan Strobel

Historian: Zachary J. Taylor

C. W. Memorials: Michael C. Meeks, Jr.

Eagle Scout Coordinator.: Milton G. Taylor

JROTC Coordinator:

Signals Officer: