Lucius L. Mitchell Camp 04 will hold their meetings in 2020 on January 11th, 

March 7th, May 2nd, July 11th, September 12th and November 7th at the Senior Community Center in St. Cloud, 716 Indiana Avenue, at 1:00 PM. Camp 04 is currently active in the Department.




Camp Officers


Camp Commander: Open                            

SVC: Michael Meek 

JVC: Aric Bruggeworth Phone: (772) 342-1069

Secretary : Nicholas Mihora

Treasurer : Robert B. Humker

Council 1: Ronnie G. McCracken

Council 2: Steven Barkley

Council 3: Tim Iliff

Patriotic Instructor: Roger Heiple

Chaplain: Ronnie G. McCracken

Graves Registration: Stephan Strobel

Historian: Nicholas Mahora

C. W. Memorials: Ronnie G. McCracken

Eagle Scout Coordinator.: Michael Urell

JROTC Coordinator:

Signals Officer: