Department Chaplain's Message

February 2015


David Acheson, CC

Camp No. 09

Appointed by James Ward, DC at the 17th Annual Dept. Encampment

held at Pembrooke Pines on June 16th, 2012.

We Had Some Praying Men At Andersonville

Soldiers also prayed for their immediate needs, and perhaps none more earnestly than

those who found themselves inside the Confederate prison camp at Andersonville,
Georgia. The chief cause of many of the deaths was the foul water supply. Andersonville prisoner William N. Tyler recalled the situation:
“They held nightly prayer meetings, and they prayed for water. They prayed like men

that meant business, for we were all dying for the want of it. One day after one of these
meetings there occurred one of the most fearful rains I ever saw. It washed out the
stockade as clean as a hound's tooth. Right between the dead-line and the stockade it
washed a ditch about two feet deep and a spring of cold water broke out in a stream
large enough to fill a four-inch pipe. The spring is there yet, I am told, and to this day is
called Providence spring. It broke out in the very best place it could for our benefit. The
stockade protected it on one side from the Rebels, and the dead-line on the other side
protected it from the prisoners. The fountain head was thus protected. We had good
water from then on.”

Dave Acheson, DSVC

Chaplain Department of Florida

CC Camp #9 Jacksonville


Brothers in Need


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December 24th


Saints Shall Be Glorious in Appearance

Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun

in the kingdom of their Father..

Matthew 13:43

The Lamb is their light and their sun,

And, lo, by reflection they shine;

With Jesus ineffably one,

And bright in effulgence divine..